10 Free Halloween Pumpkin crochet pattern

I am shocked with so many creative crocheters all over the world!

While preparing for Halloween and surfing on the internet to find my next project, I got overwhelmed with beautiful ideas and was crazy hard to decide which one to do next… So I shared my “pain” with you!  Here you will find 10 free Halloween Pumpkin Crochet pattern for you to be confused on which one to do next!

As you probably know, I am an amigurumi lover, and you can find my free Halloween collection called the Scary Friends here, and my paid version of Scari Friends here.

But as a good crocheter, I do all kinds of stuff! And now, I have some quite a lot of work to do, after seeing all these unbelievable great ideas! 

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1- Pumpkin table runner crochet pattern

How beautiful this would look like in a Halloween table decor? The colors are so beautiful and the pattern is easily adaptable to make it bigger coordinately to your table size. This was my first choice because I am currently working on this already! Here is the link straight to the pattern!

2- Pumpkin coaster crochet pattern

And since we are talking about a Halloween table decor, what about making this Pumpkin coasters?! There’s even a Youtube video to help you! So it is also perfect for a crochet beginner! Thank you Rhea for sharing this pattern! Here is where you can find the pattern! 

3- Pumpkin treat bowl crochet pattern

Hats down for Ling Ryan and her beautiful creation! I love this pumpkin pot and how creative it is! Definitely making this for my Halloween table decor! I see a lot of work coming… Here you can find the free pattern and detailed instructions!

4- Pumpkin keychain crochet pattern

Look at this cutie! I can see myself making tons of these to my friends and family! This work made by Jilian took my heart. It is minimalistic just the way I love, and this little pumpkin face…! I haven’t done it yet, but to me, it looks like a fast project, so I will save to make at the beginning of October. You can find the free crochet pattern here!

5- Pumpkin pillow cover crochet pattern

I love the combination used for this pumpkin pillow cover, the graphic design plus the bobble stitch! And you don’t worry, because even if you don’t know how to make the bobble stitch, Jennifer cover that up with a tutorial that you can also find in her free pattern! Here is the link where she shared this beautiful pillow cover. And I am left here imagining my living room with a new Halloween decor!

6- Pumpkin Pillow pattern

Then, I start searching for something to match my new upcoming pillowcase. I had in my mind some kind of Halloween set I would like to make. Was when I found this pillow pumpkin design by Cara. And, it’s on my to-do list. Here you can find the free pattern! 

7- Pumpkin hat crochet pattern

Thinking of my nieces and nephews, I found this pumpkin hats! This can also be helpful for so many of you guys because Cheryl shared all sizes pattern for this pumpkin hat! How good is that ha? Here is the link for you to make your beautiful pumpkin hat!

8- Pumpkin treat bag crochet pattern

It can never be missed a treat bag for Halloween, and I found this creation one of my favorite crochet patterns for the treat bag I’ve seen on the internet. This crochet pattern was created and design by Amanda, and I am thankful for finding her blog! There is a lot of cool stuff there! Here is the link for the complete free pattern.

9- Pumpkin basket crochet pattern

When searching for the treat bags, I found this pumpkin basket. And, thinking back to my Halloween table decor, I decided to include into my to-do list for Halloween decor! Thank you Erica for this pattern! Here you can find the link to her pattern!

10- Pumpkin patch cup crochet pattern

I finish this blog post with a project for myself. As a good coffeeholic (does this exist?) as I am, this pattern comes at the end but will be the first one to make… so I have my cozy cup of coffee near me while working on the other projects. Thank you, Okie for this beautiful piece! Here you can find the pattern!

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy this pumpkin selection! And also, still time enough to work in some new Halloween projects. As you may have noticed by now, I am into this Halloween house decor mood.

See you next time!

Happy Halloween!

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