How to crochet amigurumi for beginners

How to crochet amigurumi for beginners I have been asked a lot this question lately, how to crochet amigurumi for a complete beginner? How to start an amigurumi? What is an ultimate finishing off in amigurumi? How to stop an amigurumi?  Well, let’s go through these questions one by one, and most important, at the end of this … Read more

How to do a Magic Ring | Amigurumi for beginners

How to do Magic Ring (or magic circle!) | Step by step Hello everyone! Today it’s about the magic ring or magic circle. I mentioned before some other techniques that might improve your amigurumi crochet toy such as the perfect finishing of. The Magic Ring (or magic circle) The magic ring is the best way … Read more

How to invisible decrease in Amigurumi

Amigurumi for beginners: how to invisible decrease. We mentioned before the perfect and easy way to fasten off your amigurumi crochet toy, and today I’m writing about how to do the invisible decrease. My name is Ana, and welcome to The Nomad Knot! A invisible decrease is simple when you crochet two stitches together, taking … Read more