Jawa amigurumi free pattern

After creating Baby Yoda, or his name, Grogu, Jawa was on my waiting list. I really like them and, after he was ready, even people who did not know who is Jawa, were enchanted by him! If you are following me here, you probably have seen already my version of Mandalorian, Boba Fett, and of course, … Read more

Grogu Baby Yoda amigurumi free pattern

Recently we are all enchanted with Baby Yoda, or his name, Grogu. This super cute creature from the Mandalorians series.  After creating an amigurumi version of Mandalorian to go with the new member of the Star Friends, it is more than needed a tiny version of this cute little alien. And here it goes! I … Read more

Mini bunny amigurumi crochet free pattern

bunny amigurumi free pattern Hello everyone! It`s Ana again! And today I`m sharing this beautiful little amigurumi bunny! It is super easy and fast to make, and you can add your touch, change to your favorite color, or even some yarn scraps you have left from your last crochet project! Either way, I hope you … Read more

Valentine heart amigurumi free pattern

Valentine heart amigurumi free pattern Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe and warm with love in your heart!  Today I share here 3 versions of the amigurumi heart that I create especially for the loving holidays that are about to come!   But we should celebrate love every day! So, take my word today … Read more

Free Christmas Ornament set crochet pattern

free Christmas ornament set pattern After finishing the blue Christmas ornament crochet pattern (if you haven’t seen it yet,  click here! It is a set of four Christmas ornaments), I did this red ornament set for my Christmas tree. I finally finished writing this crochet pattern so I can share it with you! This set … Read more

Christmas bauble crochet ornament DIY

Christmas Crochet DIY ornament pattern Christmas is almost there already! What happened this year!?! And besides making a bunch of crochet gifts (you can check here my selected list for crochet ideas), I also decided to make my crochet ornaments, I made a few from this list, and also I invented my own! And, because … Read more

Mini Ballerina amigurumi free pattern

Aurora, the ballerina doll – free amigurumi pattern Today I am sharing with you Aurora, she is a tiny happy ballerina, friends with Nina, the night doll, and Sol, the sunshine! If you don’t know these other two, take a look at them! They are all free patterns, beginner-friendly, make a beautiful set of three, … Read more

Elephant Bookmark free amigurumi pattern

Elephant bookmark free amigurumi crochet pattern Today I am sharing this beautiful Elephant Bookmark free amigurumi pattern! So far, one of my dearest creations! Which used to be this little pig amigurumi. If you want to go straight to the pattern, just keep going down, and it’s just right there. And remember to subscribe to … Read more

Basketball Mascot free amigurumi pattern

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I share this basketball mascot free amigurumi pattern that you can adapt to your favorite team! If you want to go straight to the pattern, just scroll down! Or, you can stick around! It might have some nice information for you! As with most of my creations, this amigurumi … Read more