Basketball Mascot free amigurumi pattern

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I share this basketball mascot free amigurumi pattern that you can adapt to your favorite team! If you want to go straight to the pattern, just scroll down! Or, you can stick around! It might have some nice information for you! As with most of my creations, this amigurumi … Read more

Free Gothic doll amigurumi pattern

Mini Gothic Doll amigurumi pattern Hello hello!!! This week’s creation is a free mini Gothic doll amigurumi pattern! If you want to go straight to the point, just move downwards and check it out. However, if you want to stick around, there might be some useful information along the way! A couple of weeks ago … Read more

Frankenstein amigurumi Free pattern

Hello everyone! It’s Ana again, and this time with a Frankenstein amigurumi free pattern creation for you! This week I started preparing my toys for Halloween! And here I am sharing with you a smaller free version of my paid amigurumi Frankenstein pattern! If you want to check it out the paid version, click here! … Read more

Cactus Amigurumi Pincushion free pattern

DIY cactus amigurumi pincushion, a free crochet pattern for you! It’s been a while since I crocheted an item for myself. I have done a few baby shower gifts for my friend, a miniature doll for my niece, and a little cute amigurumi pig for my friend whos crazy about pig, which, by the way, … Read more

FREE Amigurumi doll pattern

Summer vacation started, however here I am, creating a free amigurumi doll pattern, fast and easy, which you can make with a couple of hours and, for a great reason! As I mentioned before, I am in the middle of a bunch of work in progress preparing a basket gift for my friend’s baby shower. … Read more

Crochet Ideas for newborns

5 best crochet ideas for newborns As I mentioned before, my BFF is pregnant! I spent a lot of time on internet collecting the best crochet ideas for newborns, all because I want to make a great gift to her with few crochet products handmade by me. That my friend is love! In this article you … Read more