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Terminator amigurumi crochet pattern – The Nomad Knot

Terminator amigurumi crochet pattern

Terminator amigurumi pattern | crochet toy pdf

Terminator amigurumi crochet is part of the 80’s Friends Collection. Check out other patterns from this collection here.


Amigurumi crochet toy | PDF pattern

$ 6.49

Cyborg amigurumi pattern | Terminator crochet toy PDF | Robot amigurumi | Geek toys

This is a DOWNLOADABLE crochet pattern, NOT the finished toy. But if you want to purchase the finished toy, get in contact with me!

Available in English, Spanish and, Portuguese.

About the pattern:

Terminator Amigurumi crochet pattern contains detailed instructions for each row, a lot of step-by-step pictures and, additional links to video tutorials to help you finish your toy.

Instant PDF pattern download will be available immediately after the confirmation of the payment. You can see in the download link the details of your order.

About the Amigurumi:

Crocheted with a needle size 2mm, the finished size of this amigurumi crochet toy is about 13cm.
The material used for this toy is lightweight wool, and the stuffing material is polyester hypoallergenic.

Additional information:

This amigurumi crochet pattern is for those who have basic crochet skills.
If you are a beginner, don’t worry, this pattern has very clear instructions, pictures, and tutorial links that will help you to complete it.

And you have any questions regarding this pattern, contact me! I will be happy to help you finish your amigurumi crochet toy!

You can find more of my patterns here:

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And if you are a complete beginner, check out my free beginner-friendly amigurumi pattern here!


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2 thoughts on “Terminator amigurumi crochet pattern”

  1. You are an amazing designer!! I love the details in your makes! Is there anyway you would consider designing a crochet version of my puppy dog, Mojo?
    He’s just the most amazing dog!! All the neighborhood kids absolutely adore him, & constantly want to “borrow” him. But I’m sure you can understand, I can’t just let anyone take responsibility for my fur baby, so I’ve been looking for a pattern so I can share him, the only way I know how, & keep him safe! Let me know!!
    Thank you! Michelle LeBlanc & Mojo
    [email protected]

    • Hello Michelle! Thank you so much for your lovely words! It means so much to me =D
      I totally understand your concerns about your fur baby as I have two of my own! I right now have some patterns in the cue to work with but I will be super happy to add and create a Mojo pug! I adore the idea! Would you mind sharing a pic of him? You can send it to me here at [email protected]

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